Friday, April 11, 2008

Step Five, Slow Travel

After commuting long distances for many years I took a deliberate decision to cut down on car travel. It can mean a smaller home or garden, but it can reduce the stress of traveling.

If you have to drive, can you share a ride occasionally, or leave the car at home one or two days a week? If you’re replacing your car think about an A or B rated model with emissions just over the 100grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometer. You’ll be surprised at what’s available.

Travelling by bike can be fairly stressful in our towns and cities, but it does give you some decent exercise, particularly if you’re stuck at a desk during the day. Both walking and cycling are predictable in journey time, and allow you to be less affected by changing traffic levels.

Then there’s always the ‘no mode’ of not traveling, or teleconferencing or using email or even simply picking up the phone.

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