Friday, April 11, 2008

Suggestions for further reading

Saving the planet can be a good news story. It does require a sea-change in thinking though, but as Al Gore has pointed out, we’re better off steering our ship from the stars, rather than from the lights of the ships that we pass on our journey.

Here’s some further reading on the issue, and of course have a look at the Irish Government’s website and John Gibbon’s site for more information, and of course his excellent blog

Carbon Detox, Your step-by-step guide to getting real about climate change’, George Marshall, Gaia, Octopus Publishing Group 2007

Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth’, Donnachadh McCarthy, Fusion Press, 2004

Heat, How to Stop the Planet Burning’, George Monbiot, Allen Lane (Penguin Books) 2006


fuego14 said...

heard your radio interview today and read ur blog. A lot of good sensible info there and I will try to implement the steps that i dont already have done.
All the best. said...

Great Blog. Lot's of interesting stuff there . Keep up the good work